Welcome my soon to be loyal day-trading subscriber & trading friend

Our philosophy at Wise Owl Trading is: "Give a trader a trade and you help him for a day; teach a trader to trade and you provide them a lifetime of income opportunities." 

Wise Owl Trading is now offering a fantastic stand-alone day-trading and short-term option trading service, wherein we attempt to exploit short-term trend and counter-trend moves in various equities, ETF's etc. and through options utilization using weekly and front month options we enhance profitability when directional plays are struck upon!

Here at Wise Owl Trading we are dedicated to providing serious day traders and short-term positional traders with an exceptional service.... for the past 15-years we have delivered, through our hard work, and extreme dedication, a bevy of actionable ideas that have created some masterful wealth creation opportunities for our subscribers.

We continue to deliver, through our hard work, and extreme dedication, a bevy of actionable ideas that have created some masterful wealth creation for our subscribers; the most recent grand slam came on a LONG on DGLY at $3.50 we took off 12/ at $7.00 then the last half at $14.50.

We always look for ideas that generate a perceived 5:1 or 3:1 (or better reward to risk)...meaning we risk $1.00 to make $5.00 or better and through leverage of options the risk can be mitigated to $1.00 to $15.00 or better! Many traders have turned to Wise Owl Trading for our research as we have historically for over 15-years now provided detailed equity/index analysis and analysis on various sectors (especially as we enter into quarterly earnings seasons) where through extreme diligence we uncover many an earnings winner and loser and through pre-earnings positioning we capitalize on the subsequent post earnings move!

At Wise Owl we utilize a premier REAL-TIME trading room powered by HotComm, which in addition to the monthly/quarter costs of the Wise owl Trading services costs a mere ~$23.00 a month....and you will find that the overall benefits of such a robust real-time trading room far outweigh the costs after just one successful trade, this venue in my opinion is outstanding!

Hotcomm's audio and video capabilities are outstand from my vantage point! You can also access the thread throughout the trading day, conduct an easy search of the tread for your favored plays/ideas, archive the thread, and even-better record and archive the daily trading secession even if you are not present actually in the room! I have used many other trading room engines and by far have not found any better!


Bu using HotComm....traders can see basically in real-time trading set-ups, trading ideas/suggestions, hear the master trader as if they are sitting right next them!

Our/My guarantee to my subscribers is very simple; I will work tirelessly for you to uncover and provide solid entries on bullish/bearish ideas, break-out entries on bullish ideas (especially on various momentum high-beta momentum stocks/assets with decent average true ranges, and liquid emerging stocks) Wise Owl will also provide over-head resistant levels upon which to book profits and/or to turn longs into short positions for a potential over-bought over-extended/valuation reversal leg down!

Through the use of our various propriety indicators and time tested signals we will also develop call/put, call/put-spread, call/put-calendar spreads and leap-write ideas on various stocks, ETF’s and indexes…along with other asset classes and commodities!


Wise Owl is offering for a limited time a quarterly subscription package for this stand along package for $388.99 a quarter Buy Now! (this equates to about $129.00 a month or $4.35 a day)...a stellar bargain.....basically a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Or if you want you can sign up for a monthly subscription it's just $149.99a month Buy Now!... (this equates to about $5.00 a day) also is one heck of a deal and a deep discount to most other trading such services with far less stellar records as I have produced; as I believe Wise Owl racks up there as the best)…

Wise Owl Trading stand-alone day-trading service is a perfect fit for those active market participants with limited time to do extensive research and review of various technicals and fundamental analysis on various equities, asset classes and/or market conditions.

We have come to realize that most traders just want to know what ideas to focus on (we will also teach in our day trading room, and help day-trades hone their skills) ; such as when and where to enter, how to enter with the best opportunity for success(with a decent risk-reward defined, also how to hedge the position, along with the likely duration of the play, targeted levels for exits and/or price objective levels, stop loss, and other measures like the utilization of options that could be utilized to generate additional revenue.

Normally Wise Owl Trading, generates ideas in advance via our real time trading room with clear and insightful research and technical analysis….we establish concise entry points and near-term profit objectives....we will NEVER front run our subscribers like many other services do!

You will be able to watch Me the Wise-Owl-Master Trader trade real-time in our real-time trading room, you will learn technical analysis and charting and how to profit in an up, down and sideways market, apply technical analysis the proper way, and above all to deploy winning strategies

BIG Steve,

Wise Owl Master Trader