Wise Owl Trading & Wise Owl Wealth Mastery are an elite swing-trading and long term value investing idea generation site....


We offer a live day-trading room wherein through real life idea generation and real life examples we educate short-term positional traders and daytraders ....we have been told many times that our real-live day-trading room/school offers great day-trading ideas and our live chart tutoring along with exceptional stock picking strategies intraday using real-time set-ups is a great asset.


Wise Owl Trading & Wise Owl Wealth Mastery  is dedicated & committed to providing the Highest Quality Source of information for Day & Swing trading idea generation for the Active and Semi-Active investors / traders who desires to grow their wealth by beating the market returns year after year.


Wise Owl Trading & Wise Owl Wealth Mastery provides the very best and most up to date market analysis in real-time for our day-trading subscribers.


We have spent the past 15-years developing our unique propriety trading systems that work well in both BEAR and BULL markets as well as trending and sideward and consolidating markets!


Our exclusive and time tested stock picking, trend following and counter trend entries have delivered consistent profitable ideas and our timely superior option idea generation, while we consistently seek a reward to risk of 3:1 or better!


You will learn how to achieve consistent profits, how to protect you profits while mitigating your losses and as such you will become an elite Trader/Investor! 


Wise Owl Trading & Wise Owl Wealth Mastery   believes that the single most important factor in trading for a living and being successful is [Money Management, Discipline, Money Management and Discipline]. Money Management to us means managing a trade after it has been executed by utilizing specific stop-losses to mitigate risk and enhance profits!


Wise Owl Trading  assists throughout the trading day with its various ideas and suggestions to establish the proper mindset for prosperous trading/investing. With  Great idea generation and suggestions and real-time trading/investment ideas and then subsequent trade management are just two of the key ingredients to successful T-Waves continually assists traders/investors in overcoming this emotional battle that rages within us when our precious money is on the line.


Wise Owl Trading provides entries regarding out submissions/ suggestions/ideas with confidence factors, targets, and money management suggestions with stop-loss price and profit targets for all swing trades and option trades, as well as an explanation of our reasoning behind the suggested plays.